What's the difference?

There is no difference!

Like your dentist

We use the same infection controls measures so you can focus on playing safe and having fun.

Like your dentist

Our 'instruments' are also made of stainless steel. We even have some in Pyrex glass which is also a nonporous material and incredibly smooth.

Our Sterilization Process

We use the same infection control measures as your dentist so that you can focus on playing safe and having fun!

" The toys are cleaner than any new ones you would buy in a store. "
Manuel Smith
Medical Doctor

Bio Cleaning

Step 1

We reduce the number of microorganisms by mechanically removing visible debris that could interfere with the disinfection and sterilization process.


Step 2

We then proceed to the destruction of many microorganisms by the direct application of a chemical process.


Step 3

Finally, we use a steam under pressure procedure (autoclave heated to 135°C) to destroy all microbial life including viruses and thermoresistant bacterial spores.


How we disinfect our leather gear

We disinfect all of you gear with medical grade Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes. These wipes kills 44 pathogens like HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis, Influenza, Coronavirus and Candida Albicans within 5 minutes of contact time.

We then recondition our gear with leather conditioner so that you can experience the ultimate comfort during your play sessions.

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