Sex fun, hypo Stop!

Imagine yourself having some great intimate moment with your partner. You’re living this moment of pleasure, you’re not thinking of anything really; you let yourself get lost, lost in pleasure… Basically, what I’m saying is that your mind, your focus is on yourself and your partner, not on any other things that don’t have sex as the end result. So hopefully you have put aside any of your other personas, such as the mom or the worker.

So now let’s get back to that magic place in our story… the place where you’re having fun, you’re wet, your heart rate is rising, you’re sweating, I mean, it’s like a full-blown exercise here… Then you start questioning that feeling, am I shaking? Is it the one you get when your blood sugar (BS) levels are going down? No? Yes? So you think to yourself, can I wait? I can wait, I’m sure it’s not that low. Then you hear the beeping. Beep Beep Beep. Yep, the beeping you were dreading.  My best friend the “insulin pump” is letting me know that it’s going down. Not the kind of Down you want to be feeling at this moment, if you know what I mean.

Dealing with any type of disability or disease is never easy and will definitely have an impact on your life including your SEX life. How you approach those obstacles is as they say (whoever they are), it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. So don’t dwell on the negative.

You require more from your partner and yourself when it comes to setting limits due to your disease, communication and respect are key. Let’s not sugar coat it, cause some decisions can come with a harsh price.  In my case, I’m diabetic type 1, a severe hypoglycemia can definitely be dangerous if not treated in time.  While I know the risks, sometimes I can take a little more time to react than I should. I mean any lady in the mood or heading towards a full-on orgasm would want to delay.

Back to my story…. Now while I know I will have to break up our fun session (*another fun fact of life is that we have two kids, work full time and finding the appropriate time for intimacy can be tricky), I try to take a discreet peek at my pump screen, to see what it says.  Do I have time to at least get an orgasm??? This wonderful primal feeling? … Common focus, get back to business; the screen displays only one arrow going down? Two? … Please not three!?!

At this point in time, I wonder if my partner can see that I am getting distracted.  That I have lost my rhythm? I feel out of synch… does he? Arggg this is so frustrating.

All these questions come to mind and work wonderfully to further distract me from the sweet heavenly feelings. I decide to speak out in between moans and kisses, “Hum honey, my BS is low”…  Some other fun information for you non-diabetics reading this, for me a “low” also comes with the frustrating fact that I won’t be able to get that orgasm, my mind just won’t let me until my BS is back up again.

I am a lucky woman because my man loves me and understands my needs. He listens to me and actually cares about my sexual and general needs. He’s in for all the highs and lows of life, literally. I did bring this in his life (thanks Diabetes).

But it’s as he says, “We are a team, we deal with this together. The sooner the hypoglycemia is controlled, the sooner we get to have fun again.”

The best way that I have figured out how to manage this situation is to: 1- Stop over thinking it. 2- Inform my partner. 3- Pick up the little juice box I keep close by our bed and drink up while he does all the heavy lifting. Mmm mmm mmm. Hey I am supposed to conserve my energies when a low happens (wink)!

While it may sound inviting to use the “baby, I am sorry my BS is low “excuse instead of the old fashion “I have a headache excuse”…   (* Yep it does sound more like that Bull Shit level is rather up); I strongly recommend the “Honesty is the best policy” rule; he can always go explore his own body if the urge is too big to wait (hahaha). I do believe self-pleasure exists for a reason and it’s important.

Bottom line, my message here is that sex doesn’t have to become awkward when disabilities or any other obstacles of life (like kids haha) interrupt an intimate moment.  Trust, communication, support, and absence of judgment of self and of others really is the key in a successful sex and life with a partner.

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