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Cet ensemble cadeau comprend les légendaires produits Shunga, dont un kit secret Geisha à la fraise comprenant des formats échantillons de l’huile à massage comestible, l’huile chauffante Aphrodisia, la chandelle d’huile à massage, le lubrifiant à base d’eau et la crème dragon virilité chaud/froid pour elle et lui.

Compris également, des perles de bain exquises LoveBath au parfum du fruit du dragon, de la peinture comestible et délicieuse au vin pétillant à la fraise, un pot de sel de bain légèrement moussant oriental et un brillant pour lèvres, chaud/froid, parfait pour les préliminaires. Tout pour VOUS gâter!

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Débutez la soirée avec un bon bain chaud, vous offrant un moment de plaisir sensuel en amoureux. Osez avec un bain de gel rosée unique et luxueux ou relaxer avec un bain de sel doux et légèrement moussant.

Appliquez un gloss pour les lèvres offrant un effet chaud/froid et sensibilisant les parties intimes d’une façon unique. Jouez avec le sens du toucher et ajoutez à votre jeu de la peinture comestible pour le corps. Le tout avec un délicieux goût de vin pétillant à la fraise.

Poussez l’audace jusqu’à expérimenter avec l’ensemble secret de Geisha. Passez à l’étape du massage avec l’huile extraite d’une chandelle ou encore l’huile chauffante aphrodisiaque ou bien l’huile de massage érotique. Complétez votre expérience sensuelle avec le lubrifiant à base d’eau et la crème Dragon qui intensifie l’orgasme et les sensations.

Offrez-vous une expérience sensuelle et sexuelle avec l’ensemble cadeau pour couple Shunga. Allez-y et Osez!

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Geisha's Secret Kit in Strawberry

A luxurious gift-ready collection of favourites as perfect for erotic getaways as for the bedside table, the Geisha's Secrets kit contains five miniature versions of Shunga's most adored pleasure products.

In sweet sparkling strawberry scents, the Secrets first offering is an Erotic Massage Oil for slick and always-sensual massage. An exclusive blend of cold-pressed oils eliminates friction while moisturizing and nourishing skin. For another hands-on massage option, light the Romance Massage Candle to add flickering firelight to a play area of choice. Once lit, the wax melts into a warm puddle of scented oil to be spread and smoothed over skin.

An Aphrodisiac Warming Oil can be enjoyed next, the silky oil heats gently upon contact with touch or breath- apply in small quantities to most sensitive areas. Complement the heat with a Warming & Cooling Sensations Cream, a unisex cream packed with natural herbs and extracts that boost erection and increase sensitivity.

Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant finishes off the Secrets Kit as the incredibly smooth and ultra versatile formula adds lots of extra moisture and slippery glide to sex, foreplay and toys.

Erotic Massage Oil- .33oz (9.8ml)
Aphrodisiac Warming Oil- .33oz (9.8ml)
Romance Massage Candle- 1oz (30ml)
Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant- .33oz (9.8ml)
Dragon Warming & Cooling Sensations Cream for Couples- .23oz (6.8oz)

Body Painting Kit 3oz/100ml

Decorate a love object with sweet, creamy art before kissing, licking and nibbling. The Sparkling Strawberry Wine Painting set comes in a gorgeous glass bottle and includes a soft foam brush.

Divine Art Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss in Strawberry Wine

Add even more pleasure to oral exploration with Divine Art Oral Pleasure Gloss. This unique lip shine has a warming and cooling effect that sensitizes and excites both male and female intimate areas, while keeping things sensitive and stimulated right up to orgasm. Just apply to your or your lovers lips, and enjoy. Contains 0.3oz/10ml.

Apply a thick layer on the lips and kiss away! You'll both experience the warming, cooling and tingling sensation.

Size: 0.3 oz
Flavor: Drinks, Fruit
Special Features: Cooling, Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly, Warming

LoveBath in Dragon Fruit

Once again revolutionizing sensuality with the latest addition to a breathtakingly luxurious line of bath, body and lovemaking enhancement treats, Shunga's Erotic Art collection presents LoveBath, a completely unique bathing experience designed to celebrate and stimulate the senses while promoting closeness and desire.

Much more than a typical bath gel, LoveBath transforms your tub, spa or jacuzzi into a sensual wonderland of colour, texture and scent. Added to water, the aromatic, therapeutically colour tinted powder dissolves and re-forms into thousands of silky, delicate pearly beads of gel that envelope and caress. Hydrating and softening the skin in anticipation of things to come, LoveBath presents a literal oasis of pleasure.

Simply add to pre-filled tub or otherwise, and swish through the water with your fingers to help dissolve. A second package of powder included transforms the water back to a liquid state, directions included.

Oriental Crystals Sea Salts 20oz/567g

Instantly setting the mood for sensuality while relaxing body mind and spirit with colour therapy combined with aromatherapy, Shunga's body softening, lightly foaming Dead Sea Salt crystals colour bath water a calming blue as they infuse surroundings with scent.

A natural shell is included; use it to scoop the perfect amount of Lotus Flower to running water as your tub or Jacuzzi fills- a pure white floating candle further enhances the mood. Satin bag contains 20oz/567g of Crystals.

Salts from the Dead Sea are known for their healing properties. Gently perfumed, these salts fill the room with its mild fragrance turning bathwater sky blue without leaving a ring around the tub!

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