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Cet ensemble cadeau comprend un échantillon de sel de bain sensuel Aphrodisia de Shunga, un irrésistible stimulateur de clitoris One Night Stand Satisfyer, un moule Clone-A-Willy « glow in the dark » vibrant, trois aguichantes plugs anales en silicone Satisfyer et une paire de caches-mamelons sexy. Tout pour LA gâter!

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Votre demoiselle sera ravie de se délecter dans un bain rafraîchissant de sel de bain de minuit aphrodisiaque Shunga. Elle se sentira en pleine possession de ses moyens pour revêtir ses séduisants cache-mamelons, accompagnés de sa lingerie favorite.

Offrez-lui la chance de modeler votre engin pour s’amuser tout en pensant à vous lorsque vous ne pouvez être à ses côtés.

Accompagnez le tout d’un stimulateur de clitoris, afin qu’elle expérimente la délicieuse sensation d’un vibrateur à succion.

Ajoutez à cet ensemble cadeau trois magnifiques plug anales et vous serez prêt pour gâter votre demoiselle comme elle le mérite. Allez-y et Osez!

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Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark in Hot Pink

Light up the night with a glowing replica of a favourite man. Always ready for those nights when he's not around and nothing else will do, the Clone-A-Willy Kit contains everything needed to create a vibrating copy of the cock you can't live without.

Full instructions are included, but the basic process is simple, mix up the molding powder and water in a bowl, and pour into the tube that doubles as packaging until you're ready to use it. Since the penis you're using has to be fully erect – the harder, the better – use your favourite means to that end, and then have him insert himself into the molding powder mix and hold the tube steady for a minute or two until it has set.

Once he's out, you can start creating your vibe right away, or maybe you'll want to make use of the real thing first; either way, when you're ready, completely pour the combined contents of both jars of silicone mix into the mold. Next, position the vibe in the center of the filled mold and let it all set. What you'll be left with an exact copy of your favourite cock with all details intact AND vibration that will make the whole thing buzz for your perfect pleasure. Make sure to follow the very detailed instructions for best results. The appearance of your Clone-A-Willy will vary, deeding on the size and shape of your man. Phthalate and latex free.


Molding tube
Molding powder
Silicone mix
Vibrator unit
Stir stick

Satisfyer One Night Stand Air Pulse Simulator

A teeny tiny, totally travel ready version of Satisfyer's adored touchless pressure wave clitoral stimulator, the sophisticated yet practical One Night Stand is elegant, ultra discreet and most importantly, always ready to accompany you to orgasm infinity and beyond.

If zillions of giddy reviews are anything to go on, the Satisfyer sensation is completely unparalleled. Many clitoris owners just don't like the buzz of vibration, but this isn't vibration! Ranging from gentle to greedy, a unique internal mechanism creates waves and pulses of positive and negative pressure that's been described as 'oral sex but more intense', 'guaranteed orgasm' and 'life-changing.' This little one-time-use version is perfect for beginners to clit suction, lasting 35 continuous minutes.

On vacation or staycation (this little gem is all you need to get away from it all, trust us!), four intensities of signature suction wait to suck and throb at the touch of a button. When you've reached that point in the day when you just can't resist the idea of the One Night Stand waiting patiently in purse, carry-on or bedside table, slip it out, get comfy and start up the first of those 4 pulsing suction intensities. The silky circular tip settles easily into place over the clitoris, surrounding sensitive skin for total sensual immersion.

One simple button activates your One Night Stand and controls intensity- you'll be able to perfectly curate stimulation as orgasm gets closer, holding the big finish at bay or giving into a mind-blowing quickie. No matter what the intensity, the One Night is remarkably quiet, particularly at the lowest speeds. It'll buzz a little at the higher ones, but as soon as the tip's in place over sensitive skin, the noise level drops way down.

In hypoallergenic high end silicone and velvety ABS plastic, the One Night Stand cleans easily using warm water and antibacterial soap or a good erotic toy care fluid/foam. Use a cotton swab or something similar to clean the treatment tip. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant- avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products. The One Night Stand comes with required batteries. They are not replaceable, so you'll need to properly dispose of your One Night Stand when the batteries run down.

Length: 4"
Girth: 5.4" at largest point
Width: 1.9" at largest point
Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
Power Source: Batteries
Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Temperature Sensitive
Colour: Purple, Red

Satisfyer Plugs Silicone 3 Piece Set in Multi-Colored

Pardon us for saying so, but we were a little overdue for some butt play innovation. Seriously! it's a well known fact that the anal area has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings and pleasure receptors anywhere in the body, and with very few exceptions, we all have butts ready and able to be enjoyed. Luckily, Satisfyer has directed some of their creativity and design genius around back, and we couldn't be happier!

Offering three distinct shapes to backdoor pleasure seekers, this trio of silky silicone plugs includes a sexy swirly screw, a triple beaded blast of stimulation and a double barreled probe for maximum stretch. Perfect for just about any level of anal experience, the purple swirl and popsicle-pink triple versions both start off petite and forgiving before swelling to their largest points, while the lighter pink double provides a more dramatic 'pop' right off the bat.

No matter which you choose to play with, a big ringed handle makes removal, re-positioning and sexy tugs/twists a breeze. The handle is nice and large for worry-free fun, plus, it fits comfortably between the butt cheeks.

In high quality body safe silicone (we'd expect nothing less!), the Plugs clean easily using warm soapy water, but you you can also use a good toy care fluid/foam, if you like. Compatible with any favourite water based lubricant, but please keep 'em away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys.

* Measurements below represent the largest (light pink) plug. The Purple is 5.5" (14cm) long and approximately 1.25" (3.2cm) in diameter. Darker Pink plug is 5.3" (13.5cm) long and approximately 1.25" (3.2cm) in diameter

Length: 5.3"
Insertable Length: 3.25"
Girth: 3.8" at largest point
Width: 1.1" at largest point
Colour: Pink, Purple

Moonlight Sea Salt Bath Crystals 2.6/75g in Aphrodesia

Instantly setting the mood for sensuality while relaxing body, mind and spirit with colour and aromatherapy, Shunga's body softening Dead Sea Salt crystals turns bath water a pretty violet hue as they infuse your surroundings with scent.

Add to running water as your tub or jacuzzi fills and watch the gentle fizz. Moonlight Sea Salt Bath Crystals won't stain skin or surfaces.

Red X Rave Pasties – Nipple Covers

Style of Rave Pasties: X – Color: Red – Size: 3.5 by 3.5 Dimensions
One Size Fits Most – Comfortable, Easy to Wear, & Stays in Place!
One Set of Pasties (includes 2 Pasties total)
One Time Use
Do Not Wear for More Than 8 Hours especially if you have sensitive skin. Great for Raves, Music Festivals, & Dance Parties.
Care Instructions: Clean Skin & Dry Before you Apply- Just Peel Pasties & Stick to Skin. To Remove the Pasties Peel Slowly or Wait Till You’re in the shower.

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