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"it's like bringing
50 shades of grey to you"

Spicing up your sex life so that you can have the best sex life ever!

Spicing things up in the bedroom can be a simple thing!

Sometimes that simply means changing up your routine and surprising your partner.

Exploring your sexual fantasies and secret desires could also be a good way. 

Or why not… experiment your darker side and push your sexual boundaries. 

Christian Grey might be a millionaire but for many of us, having our own red room is out of reach. 

This is where Kinki Lixious steps in by enabling you to rent all the equipment you need to explore your sexual fantasies. 

We bring you more than 50 ways to spice up your sex life, wherever you want, in a discreet little suitcase.

We have the most luxurious leather bondage gear which is hand made by a Toronto company (Aslan Leather) and the finest erotic furniture.

All of our equipment is disinfected and sanitized with products that are approved by Health Canada so you can focus on playing safe and having fun!

Explore your sexual fantasies


Sex Play Stations

Sex furniture is way more fun and unique than bending over the kitchen table. From enhancing your play time and exploring your sexual fantasies, our play stations will make your next date night a lot more interesting. If spicing up your sex life is what you’re going for, you can’t go wrong. Time to surprise your partner and change the routine!

Bondage Gear

From power exchange sexual fantasies to role playing, bondage gear can be a fun and powerful psychological aphrodisiac to spice things up in the bedroom. Being tied up is also a great way to concentrate on your own pleasure. It enables you to give control to your trusted partner so that they can focus on your needs and desires.

What kinky people say?

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Our most popular packages


Spicing things up for your sex life

Sex Swing

Suspended sex in midair? Now that's spicing things up! Not only will you be able to tryout many new positions very comfortably, you can do them without burning your muscle after a minute. Sex sling makes you more fluid when it comes to maneuverability and they also give you more access to your partner body.

Spicing things up for your sex life

Deluxe Jag

The Deluxe Jag Bondage Kit include all the bells and whistles. This package has the sexy Aslan Leather Master Thigh cuffs and a luxurious long red and black leather flogger and a very surprising sensation wheel to startle your senses. Finally, you will also be able to surprise your partner with the included over the door bondage St-Andrew cross and take them to the next level.

Spicing things up for your sex life

Kinky Bottoms

If you’ve ever contemplated a little booty play, this kit is the perfect choice for you. It comes with many different sizes and shapes. Everything is made of either medical grade stainless steel and glass which is nonporous and fully sterilisable. Plus, you also get the bonus of temperature play. Now, do yourself a favor and let your curiosity sneak up behind you!

Rent before you buy!

If you’ve explored buying luxurious bondage gear, erotic furniture or even glass or stainless steel toys of your own, you know how expensive it can be. Plus, you don’t even know if you’re going to like it. 

Kinki Lixious now offers you the possibility to rent for a day, a weekend or even a week!

BONUS: if you decide that you would like to keep something from your rental, we will apply a 15% discount on your purchase.

" It's like bringing 50 Shades Of Grey to you!

The hard part was convincing my lover to role play the part''
Madame Mmm
kinki customer

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