Kinky Romantic Getaway

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things up!

Looking for a romantic getaway, the perfect couple anniversary or birthday gift?

Surprise your partner and experiment something new this year! If you want to spice things up in the bedroom we have you covered in at least 50 different ways.

Sex Swing


Now that’s spicing things up!

When it comes to maneuverability and access to your partner body, sex swing makes everything so effortless. You will be able to tryout many new positions very comfortably, either for penetrative or oral sex.

Time to change the routine and reach new sexual prowess with your partner.

Kinky Romantic Getaway

From power exchange sexual fantasies to role playing, bondage gear can be a fun and powerful psychological aphrodisiac to spice things up in the bedroom

Suddenly, everything is new again! Wondering and anticipating what erotic things our partner is going to do to us can be very exhilarating and exciting.

Being tied up is also a great way to concentrate on your own pleasure by ”letting everything go”. It enables you to give control to your trusted partner so that they can focus on your needs and desires.

Bondage Gear


Dungeon Bed


Kinky Romantic Getaway

If you’re new to bondage or simply want to explore a little bit more, this full metal queen size bed opens many possibilities and makes everything simple.

We provide you with easy-to-use bed straps that you can use on one of the 22 restraint hoops all over the bed. No knowledge of knots needed so you can concentrate on your partner and make sure everybody is having a good time.

Once play time is over, sleep like a king/queen on the 100% real organic latex bed mattress.

Kinki Blog

Did you know that scent and music can alter your mood?

They affect our limbic system which is responsible for processing our feelings, moods, emotions and even sexual behaviors.

So to put all the odds in your favor, we added in the bedroom a Bluetooth speaker for your sex playlist and 3 different scented candles (Cashmere Woods, Blooming Peony and Cherry, Tranquil Lavender & Aloe)

Aroma & Music

Set the mood

Mirrors & Lighting

Make your own show

Kinky Romantic Getaway

For your added viewing pleasure, see the action unfold with the giant ceiling mirror (5’x10′) and the big wall mirror (2.5’x5′)

Customize and set the mood of your romantic escapade with:

  • Color changing and dimmable ceiling lights.
  • The 5 tea light candles provided in the headboard of the dungeon bed

Forgot something at home? Want to spice things up even more? We got you covered!

From basics like lubes & massage oils to lingerie, games, dildos and clit suckers; sex toys are a great way to explore something new, add novelty and raises the excitement levels a few notches.

Kinky Bar

mini sex shop


Sanitary Concerns

Our #1 Priority

Besides complying with Airbnb’s five-step enhanced cleaning process, we take it a few steps further to make sure your romantic getaway is done in a safe environment.

Highlights of what we do:

Disinfect all our gear and surfaces with medical grade hydrogen peroxide wipes

These wipes kill 44 pathogens like HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis, Influenza, Coronavirus and Candida Albicans within 5 minutes of contact time.

We Sanitize high-touch surfaces, down to the doorknob. 

We wear protective gear to help prevent cross-contamination.

We refer to cleaning checklists to thoroughly clean each room.

We provide extra cleaning supplies, so you can clean as you stay:

  • Medical grade wipes
  • Baby wipes
  • Extra hand towels
  • Queen size luxury waterproof blankets
  • Multipurpose cleaners and paper towels

These are the reasons why our cleaning fees are a little bit higher than other listings.

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Kinky romantic escapade

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Our most popular packages


Sex Swing

Suspended sex in midair? Now that's spicing things up! Not only will you be able to tryout many new positions very comfortably, you can do them without burning your muscle after a minute. Sex sling makes you more fluid when it comes to maneuverability and they also give you more access to your partner body.

Deluxe Jag

The Deluxe Jag Bondage Kit include all the bells and whistles. This package has the sexy Aslan Leather Master Thigh cuffs and a luxurious long red and black leather flogger and a very surprising sensation wheel to startle your senses. Finally, you will also be able to surprise your partner with the included over the door bondage St-Andrew cross and take them to the next level.

Kinky Bottoms

If you’ve ever contemplated a little booty play, this kit is the perfect choice for you. It comes with many different sizes and shapes. Everything is made of either medical grade stainless steel and glass which is nonporous and fully sterilisable. Plus, you also get the bonus of temperature play. Now, do yourself a favor and let your curiosity sneak up behind you!

Rent before you buy!

If you’ve explored buying luxurious bondage gear, erotic furniture or even glass or stainless steel toys of your own, you know how expensive it can be. Plus, you don’t even know if you’re going to like it. 

Kinki Lixious now offers you the possibility to rent for a day, a weekend or even a week!

BONUS: if you decide that you would like to keep something from your rental, we will apply a 15% discount on your purchase.

" It's like bringing 50 Shades Of Grey to you!

The hard part was convincing my lover to role play the part''
Madame Mmm
kinki customer

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